About the Tower Of Light Motion Picture Co

The Tower of Light Motion Picture Co. was founded by Samuel Marlow in 2010 to handle the production of his feature film projects.

Tower of Light's first production, A Kind of Town was a short anthology feature created as part of the inaugual Electric Lantern Festival to get those who live in the area around the Festival involved in its content.

A Kind of Town poster

This production, funded by the producer, paired local writers with directors, cast and crew to create a series of short stories about the area they live in and closed the Festival.

Developing this theme, Tower of Light's current production is again a "site-specific" story set in a small ton during a freak heat wave.

All About Town Poster

All About Town takes the twelve archetypal steps of the Hero's Journey and shows how they are relevent to everyone by looking at each step through the eyes of a different group of people.

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